Hammer Down Film Project

I am excited to tell you that I’ve started working on a project that I’ve been dreaming of working on for the last 10 years.  Everything you’ve seen with Catching Creation and our videos truly began during my time with the North Carolina Army National Guard and our deployment to Iraq.  Although I had been filming animal comedy DVDs and other things for a few years prior to that deployment I really hit my stride and started finding my voice in front of and behind camera during that time.  I guess you can say that was the beginning of my passion to put stories on the screen.  My ministry started out of that season because of the friendships I made over there and it ultimately led to my acceptance of Jesus several years later thanks to the witnessing of my battle buddy, Daniel.

I say all of that to say that I truly feel led to make a film highlighting the guys I served with.  I have a mountain of footage from that era that we shot while in a combat zone and I feel like there is a story that needs to be told by the men that left their homes to serve their country.  I am in the very beginning process of planning this documentary but so far God is opening door after door!  I’ve met with several key people and ran the idea by them and so far I’ve been getting great feedback.  One of my old friends from the unit has applied for a grant to help us make this documentary so please pray that comes through because it would definitely help get us started.  Check out this rough cut pre-trailer to give you an idea of the direction I’m going with this documentary:

Since my best friend Daniel and I filmed quite a bit of our entourage over there it only makes sense for us to film this documentary and have a story within the story so to speak.  Our goal is to highlight our friendship during and since our deployment (which includes Catching Creation) and also track down our friends and hear their stories too.  Where are they now?  How has the war affected them?  I hope you will join us on this adventure and pray about helping us get this project off the ground.  We have about 75% of the gear we need to hit the ground running but there is a small amount we still need.  Also since I will be doing most of the production work it will significantly cut down the cost of the film because, well I work cheap haha.  Pray for me as I set out to tell the story of the greatest adventure of my life!

If you’d like to help contribute towards the production costs and equipment needs of this film you can click HERE

If you’d like to help by buying us gear directly, you can visit our Amazon Wishlist HERE

Above all else please pray that God gives me direction, wisdom and favor with this film!  Thanks.

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