My New Sulcata Tortoise From CCSB Reptile Rescue

sulcata tortoiseLast week I had the privilege to visit Chad Griffin of CCSB Reptile Rescue in order to purchase a rescued Sulcata tortoise from him.  While we were there Chad graciously agreed to let us interview him and film his operation.  I was like a kid in a candy store, around every corner there were amazing creatures happily looking on as I explored the expanse of Chad’s basement where they were housed.  Chad’s rescue, CCSB, serves as a place or refuge for animals that are often feared and misunderstood.  Many of the animals in his care were from coordinated raids by local and state law enforcement agencies.  Often people will take on animals that they are ill equipped to care for and whether they’re injured, seized, or just surrendered to CCSBChad cares for them all.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 1.50.06 AMWe got to witness everything from harmless chameleons and boas to the potentially fatal cobras, vipers and crocodilians.  I just couldn’t stop smiling.  As someone who shares a passion for animals I was also encouraged that Chad and I share a faith in Jesus Christ.  Chad considers himself a preacher first and his faith and integrity in this regard are unshakable.  We learned that CCSB offers certification classes to help address local and state laws regarding wildlife, animal first aid and treatment, as well as many other things.  This is definitely something worth checking into and I know I for one will be enrolling in one of his classes in the future.

I met Chad several years ago at a reptile show and I was encouraged that I wasn’t the only weirdo on the block with a love for Jesus and these creepy crawly friends of mine.  I have been wanting to get a larger Sulcata (aka African Spur Thigh) tortoise for my Catching Creation programs for some time now and when I heard that Chad had a few in need of a new home I jumped at the opportunity.  This amazing creature is going to be a hit with kids and families this year in my programs.  I can’t wait to share him with you all!  Did you see our last EPISODE about my Argentine Tegu “Bucky?”  Click HERE to check that out!  Have you seen our “Possum Catching 101” video and article yet?  Click HERE to check that out!

To check out Chad and all CCSB has to offer click HERE

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Have a great adventure and remember Jesus Loves you!


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