Are You Prepared To Die For Your Calling?

Are You Prepared To Die For Your Calling?

Are you prepared to die for the calling God has placed on your life?  If pursuing your passion meant putting yourself in harms way and possibly losing your life to protect someone else’s would you do it?  If you were like most people the answer would probably be an overwhelming NO!  So many of us want our faith comfortable and easy and are disgusted at the thought of it actually costing us something.  This is not true for Robert Staton of  Not only is Robert a minister of the Gospel and a close personal friend of mine but he also embodies the essence of a real and rugged faith.  Robert not only preaches the Gospel with his words but he gives of his body as a living sacrifice to a cause that he firmly believes in.

Cambodia missions Too many Christians have a superficial awareness of the ills surrounding sex trafficking. This epidemic has recently become somewhat of a fad or catch word to say when one wants to puff up their self righteousness and feel somehow apart of something bigger than themselves without actually having to get dirty.  Human trafficking and sexual slavery is an appalling and horrible atrocity that is happening in the dirtiest slums around the world and in the most affluent of suburban cul-de-sacs.  Sadly even though this blight heavily surrounds us, it’s hard to discern how to effectively combat this issue.  Simply sharing catchy Facebook posts and retweeting trendy Twitter blurbs does absolutely NOTHING for the countless thousands of victims being brutalized by this plague.

Thankfully there are men like Robert who take the fight back to the bad guys by hitting the problem at the source.  Cambodia sits as an epicenter of childhood sexual trafficking and often because of impoverished conditions and government corruption the police in Cambodia are forced with the hard choice of accepting a bribe from a child sex trafficker to provide for their own families or upholding the law and protecting an innocent child.

Innocent Child

Several years ago, Robert developed an organization called Freedom4Her, which is a direct-action initiative to better prevent, combat, and physically rescue children from sexual abuse, exploitation, and forced sexual slavery.  Part of his mission is to connect with organizations that are already on the frontlines and who need additional training, assistance, and the development of skill sets to better perform operations leading to the overall rescue process of children who are living in the horrors and darkness of forced, sexual slavery.

Robert assists with an organization in Cambodia named RAWimpact ( where he serves as one of the Senior Instructors, along side of Karl with Silent Integrity for the training of the Cambodian National Police, assisting RAWimpact in their overall mission to combat child sex slavery.  Robert also partners with other organizations for the sole purpose of performing undercover and rescue operations.

Robebootcamprt uses his fitness boot camp program in Winston-Salem NC to fund his operations over seas as well as local missions with the same objective.  The fitness program is called Xtreme PT Boot camp ( and by design it encourages participants to take action both in their physical lives but also partners them with the bigger picture of rescuing children from sexual slavery.  All the profits from this fitness program directly supports operations local and abroad as an effort to stem the tide of trafficking.

cobragrad 3Robert has also partnered recently with C.O.B.R.A. self defense systems ( and teaches classes that give attendees a tactical awareness of their surroundings and a skill set to protect themselves in case they are attacked.  C.O.B.R.A. stands for Combat Objective Battle Ready Application and it truly gives you a tool kit for tactical survival and a confidence that despite the circumstance you will at least be prepared to evade, escape and if necessary attack your attacker.  This program also funds Robert’s bigger mission of saving children from sex trafficking.  This man gives of his heart, time and finances in order to take the Gospel in bodily form to save lives in a real and practical way.  If you want to partner with Robert and support his vision please check out and if you’re in the Winston-Salem area come check out one of his classes, get in shape, and help save lives!




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