Whispers In The Woods Devotional Book


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The Catching Creation Volumes 1-4 DVD Box Set is now available!

This box set contains all 4 Catching Creation DVDs with hours of faith based and family friendly content for all ages.  Come be a part of the adventure as Stan passionately teaches about all things created. ORDER NOW!  NOW only $35 Shipped!

Box Set

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Catching Creation Volume 4 DVD

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$20.00 each


 Catching Creation Volume 3 DVD

In this 3rd installment of the Catching Creation DVD series we take a trip down to South Florida and film some invasive animals, catch salamanders and film a Hip Hop Video about them in South Carolina and find Bigfoot in the Uwharrie National Forest.  You will surely enjoy this DVD!



$20.00 Each


Catching Creation Volume 2 DVD

( Episodes 4-7 plus bloopers & bonus material)

In this DVD we take a trip to a small farm, see what’s creeping while you’re sleeping, catch vipers in the Sandhills, newts in the mountains and so much more.  Come along for a great adventure in God’s word with His creation!  There are also bloopers and bonus materials included in this DVD.




Catching Creation Volume 1 DVD ( Episodes 1-3 plus bloopers)

In this DVD we go on an adventure through the seasons of Winter, Spring and Summer.  In this high energy and entertaining DVD you will experience the beauty of God’s creation and learn how they relate to His word.  There is also a bonus blooper episode that will have you laughing at my many stumbles and mishaps while filming.





“The Not So Ordinary Journey of Todd the Toad”

In this Children’s book geared towards young readers we visit the tadpole pool and follow the journey of a very special Toad named Todd.  If you have ever experienced the sting of bullying then you and Todd have something in common.  You will enjoy this story of Todds journey to acceptance and love. (Please allow 7-10 days on average because these print to order)

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“The Wonder Of It All”  Is a great book for young readers that both encourages them to wonder and be awestruck by creation as well as challenges them to help conserve the Earth we’ve been entrusted with.  This little book is surely a great addition to your young reader’s library!




“The Halloween Traveler” Is a short children’s book about an alien who crash lands on Earth on Halloween.  It’s a cute adventure story about making friends with things that look different than you.




If something is a little out of your budget but it can be used to bless you or someone else send me an email and we can negotiate.  I am willing to offer quantity discounts on DVDs, if you have any questions about anything on this page feel free to shoot me an email at